How to add emoji to the moving film in Snapchat


Do you send movies on Snapchat? If so, now you can also add to them moving emoji stickers. The sticker can be attached to the chosen object (for example a face), and Snapchat will make it will automatically follow the person or the object. How to do that?


Snapchat continues adding new features. Recently, they introduced the possibility of having voice and video conversations. The latest update included the options for people, who like to publish short videos on Snapchat. Until now, we could add static emoji, which showed up always at the same spot. Now, stickers can be permanently attached to e.g. particular person on the movie, and Snapchat will make it will automatically follow after the selected object. Do you wonder how to make that?

Moving emoji in the movies on Snapchat

In order to attach moving emoji to an object or a person in the movie, the first thing you have to do is of course record the movie. After doing that, standard editing screen will appear, where you can add text or filters.
In order to add emoji, you need to tap the sticker icon on the top bar (next to text icon). There, you will see the list of available stickers. Now we choose the one we want to attach to for example someone’s face. The emoji will appear in the movie in random place, and it will be still played on the background.


Now, we just need to attach it to the chosen place. To do that, you need to tap and hold the emoji with your finger. The movie will be temporarily stopped so that we can put a sticker on the given object or person with ease. Drag the icon on the selected place. Optionally, you can pinch gestures to reduce or increase the size of the emoji.


When icon is in the right place, we take the finger out of the screen. The loading screen will appear and Snapchat will reedit the movie, analyse how the object or the person is moving, and attach emoji to the selected spot. Everything is automated – we don’t have to manually select a path on which the emoji will move.

After a while, we will see a final preview, where attached emoticon will follow the person or the subject in the movie. Now you are ready to send it to your friend. The example of such movie is below, where someone attached the emoji to the movie with the cat.